About Coastwatch Scotland

Coastwatch Scotland is a Voluntary Coastal Safety & Monitoring Organisation. Our organisation was founded in Irvine, Scotland, 8 years ago as an independent, non-governmental, volunteer coastal monitoring and safety organisation. Irvine Unit are looking for volunteers to help us to keep the Irvine coastline safe. Coastwatch Scotland is run entirely by volunteers who have an interest in, and concern for the safety of life at sea and on the coast. Our volunteers give up a few hours each week to learn how to keep a visual watch on coastal waters and beaches and harbours and how to keep a listening watch on the international distress frequency (channel 16 VHF) in support of search and rescue operations.

We also monitor wildlife in the area and report any problems to the relevant organisations.

Coastwatch Scotland volunteers receive training in basics of visual and radio watch keeping, incident reporting, ship recognition, the understanding of charts….and more Click here for more information Please Note: We are NOT affiliated with any other organisation with a similar name or The National Coastwatch Institute which does not operate in Scotland. We currently have four units:

Irvine Unit

Head of Unit
Billy Lamb

Tel: 07526225835

Email: coastwatch-irvine@hotmail.co.uk

Irvine Unit

Head of Unit
Carolyn Douglas

Tel: 07540 097144

Forth/St. Monans Unit

Head of Unit
John Kinsman

Tel: 01333 730809

Mobile: 07954717385

Edinburgh Unit

Head of Unit
Alex Burns

Tel: 01236 610 127

Mobile: 07914 932 474


Head of Unit
David Provan

Tel: 07501 003 685

Email: coastwatchscotland@gmail.com

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