The Pilot House Project

The Pilot House was formally known as Boyd’s Automatic Tide Signalling Apparatus and was one of only two in the world! It was invented and patented by Martin Boyd, the Irvine harbourmaster, in 1905 and opened in 1906. It was used to signal the depth of the water at the harbour with a series of light signals at night, and the raising or lowering of round, black disks on a pulley system. The building has unfortunately lain in disrepair for many years now. We are currently in the process of completing an asset transfer for the Pilot House. We have plans underway to refurbish this iconic building as a watch tower. We have a Facebook group for Friends of the Pilot House and we are keen to involve members of the community in our plans

We anticipate the transfer to be completed in December 2014.

Floor Plan

  • Top Tier

    Top Floor

    This will be Coastwatch Scotland Irvine Unit’s headquarters and watch room, fully equipped with VHF radio, RADAR, NAVTEX, GPS, Weather Station, and other necessary kit to assist in keeping our coastal area safe. The panoramic view from this floor will offer us a fantastic opportunity to observe the coastline and spot potential hazards or call for assistance should an incident arise.

  • Third Tier

    Second Floor

    This floor will be used as a bird and wildlife observation room. There is an abundance of bird and wildlife around Irvine Harbour. Bogside is an undeveloped area of mudflat and saltmarsh to the north of the harbour; an ideal area to spot waders, Hen Harriers, Peregrines, Short Eared Owls and many more. Dolphin, Porpoise, seals and the occasional basking shark are among the sea life that has been observed around the Irvine Coast. The RSPB and Wildlife Scotland have been very supportive.

  • Second Tier

    First Floor

    This room will be used as a training/meeting room and will be available for hire to groups that require a meeting place. It will also ultimately have a pictorial display of the history of the building and the surrounding area

  • Bottom Tier

    Ground Floor

    The ground floor will be a First Aid room and will be operated by fully trained Coastwatch Volunteers. St. Andrews First Aid have also expressed an interest in the use of this room.